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Model 1 Output Transformer (250-0001)

Rated Power: 5W

Primary Impedance: 5k ohm

Secondary (speaker) impedance: 8 ohm

Max. dimensions:

   - Height: 1.7"

   - Length (measured without mounting ears): 2" (2.8" with the mounting ears) 

   - Thickness: 1.7", 

   - Mounting holes are spaced 2.375", hole diameter: 0.175".

This transformer is designed to work with the Basic configuration of the Model 1 Amplifier. You can use this transformer with the Full pack as well and you will notice slight improvement in the bass region, with 10-15% increase in the output power. However, for the maximum power with the Full pack configuration, a transformer with 2.5k primary impedance is required. 

Transformer connections:


BLUE wire: +Va 

RED wire: Plate


GREEN wire: Positive output (in phase with input)

BLACK wire: Output Ground

Connections to the Model 1 Amplifier:

Connections are shown on the picture below and they are identical for the left and right channel.


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