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Model 1

A Universal PCL82 SE Tube Amplifier Kit

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The Model 1 kit is a Single Ended (SE) tube stereo amplifier based on an audio tube PCL82 (16A8 equivalent). Design goals were simple: low cost but decent quality unit with a lot of features. Our thought process is detailed in the Background section of this site, but, basically, we wanted to create a product that is

- Perfect for DIY-ers who want to have many options to explore;

- Ideal for audio enthusiasts who always wanted to find out what the "tube sound" is all about, but don't feel like spending many hundreds of dollars for the experience.


1. Headphones output

2. Two inputs option, no selector switch

3. Triode, Pentode or Ultralinear operation - jumper selectable

4. Open Loop or Global Negative Feedback - jumper selectable

5. Pentode g2 bypass - jumper selectable

6. Tubes paralleling option for increased power

7. Reconfigurable filament connections, options to accommodate various power supplies, even ECL82 (6BM8) can be used.

For pricing information please check our Catalog.

For detailed test results and specifications, please refer to published Test Results. For schematics, PCB layout, transformer and power supply specifications, please refer to the Documentation.


Basic configuration:


Full pack:

Designed, assembled and tested in the U.S.A.

2000-2007, ENG Vista, Inc.