Audio Limits Canada is a quality manufacturer of cables and passive preamplifiers, headquartered in Toronto. All products are hand built in Canada and the price/performance ratio is just amazing.

ENG Vista is proud to be the US representative of this small, energetic and innovative company.


Passive Preamplifier

Custom built with quality parts (ALPS volume control) this passive preamp comes with high purity copper or silver wiring.

The preamp review appears in Audio Ideas

Introductory price: $199.00


Power cords

Standard length is 6ft, custom length available on request

Silver One Power

Premier cable in the Audio Limits' lineup, this cable is the newest member of the family.

Quick facts:

Shield 1.1

Before introduction of the Silver One Power, the Shield 1.1 occupied top spot in this category.


Shield 3.1

The least expensive power cable features high quality construction and robust, reliable plugs


Audio Limits power cord family:

Top to bottom:

Shield 3.1: $65.00

Shield 2: $120.00

Shield 1.1: $160.00

Silver One Power: $180.00


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