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ENG Vista, Inc. is providing marketing and technical assistance for Trafomatic Company  products.

Trafomatic is a privately held company specializing in transformer design and manufacturing. Trafomatic Company was founded in 1997. With focus on research and innovation, Trafomatic is experiencing consistent growth. Quality is very important ingredient in all of their products. It is ensured by use of skilled labor, quality materials and constant process control. The proof of our confidence in Trafomatic products is in our use of their power and output transformers in our audio products.

Low cost custom design, single unit, low volume or mass production are all within our capabilities. Fast turnaround is our signature mark. In time that most other companies take to respond to your inquiry we will be ready to ship your custom transformer!

To request a quote send us an email to sales @ engineeringvista.com

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Some of the product categories are (for more details click here):

- Toroidal transformers 10VA to 10kVA (industrial, lighting and medical);

- E/I transformers up to 10kVA;

- Three-phase transformers up to 50kVA;

- Transformers for electro resistive welding 18KVA, 35KVA, 55KVA and 75KVA;

- Audio transformers - for tube amplifiers and 100V line output.


We are glad to provide low quantities (even single pieces are ok) of our transformers for use by audio enthusiasts. However, shipping charge becomes extremely high, often higher than the transformer price itself. In order to minimize shipping charges we are trying to pool your orders and ship larger quantity at once (50 transformers or more). We typically ship once every 4 to 8 weeks, depending on how fast we accumulate orders. That way the total shipping charge gets to be more acceptable ($15-30) and it includes shipping to the US and then re-shipping to every individual address. If you are interested, please email us at audio@engineeringvista.com and we'll be glad to book your order. We do require prepayment in order to ensure that we have only serious people in our pool.

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