It is always great to hear back from our customers. Gives us a lot of pleasure to know that we are doing a good job and that our personalized customer service and quality of our products are finding wide acceptance within DIY community as well as with small and medium size businesses. Please keep sending us your comments -  listening to our customers is indeed a pleasure and valuable learning tool for building our company and making us indispensable part of your hobby or business.

Thank you all for your business and we are looking forward to many, many successful projects!

The ENG Vista Team


"Just wanted to let you know that I have recieved the transformer....NICE! I appreciate your doing business with me, your professionalism, and commend you on your excellent communication." - S. L., Tennesee

"I got the transformer yesterday. Very cool." - R. H., Vermont

"I got the transformers today, and they look great!!" - S. G.,  Texas

"Received the transformers today - excellent units" - G. B.,  Florida

"I am working on a Vox AC30 clone that will need a PT, OT and a choke. I am hoping your prices will allow me to use your products because the performance is marvelous. You were helpful and your customer service is excellent." - S. K., Illinois

"I definitely want some more trannies... by the way, the most recent tranny I recieved from you kicks butt!!!! I really like it." - J. L., Michigan

"I got them a while back but just opened the box today. I'm very very happy with them.....I'm even more impressed with what you have created and am glad that many DIY's will get to work with such a product that will easily allow them to try many different designs just by changing a few jumpers. That is an awesome idea. I'm also impressed that you are allowing us to get in on your transformer buying so we can all save money. That is a great business model - to let others in on your good deal and you will benefit from that because we are appreciative of it and likely to do additional business with you because of it. You also get a better deal on the transformers that way as well (I assume). That is capitalism at it's finest - everyone comes out ahead!" - B. E., California

"I have received the 2 transformers that you have delivered. They are in excellent condition and the workmanship is extremely well done. Thumbs up. Thanks for doing business with me. Hope we can do more transaction in future." - R. R., Singapore

"Great looking trans!" - K. R., Georgia

"I just want to let you know that I'd received the transformers and they are all in good shape. Will make purchase again....Thanks again for your such nice service!" - J. C., Canada

"The transformers are working great thanks!" - S. K.,  Illinois

"thanks for your quick reply. the prices are great and there isn't a single thing that isn't to my liking"A. L., California

"I bought a transformer from you off of eBay. It sounded great" - D. P., California

"The transformer works very well. The note separation was improved, particularly when the amp is overdriven. It's also a bit quieter than the previous transformer." - R. G., Virginia

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